Made a short photo-trip to Öland, which is the second largest island in Sweden. The last visit were a few years ago, so it was long overdue to spend a couple of days there again. This time I decided to focus on the north half of the island, and spend more time at each place, instead of trying to cram in as much as possible. 


Byrums raukar (sea-stacks) in the evening sun



Towards the island Blå Jungfrun (blue virgin)



The old lady



Neptuni Åkrar (neptune's fields)



Sunset at Neptuni Åkrar



Morning at the lighthouse Långe Erik (tall erik)



Morning cleaning routine (chaffinch)



Fishing tern



Trolleken, the trolloak, over 900 years old



The shipwreck Swiks



Beautiful demoiselle 



A busy mom, with 8 kids!



A nice and relaxing visit, with some beautiful scenery, and lots of wildlife. The next visit will probably be concentrated on the southern half instead, there's a lot to see there too.